The On-site Visit of Thai Customs Department’s Executives at WCO RTC (World Customs Organization Regional Training Centers)

8 February 2023 Mr.Patchara Anuntasilpa, the Director-General of Thai Customs Department, Mr.Chuchai Udompote, the Principal Advisor on Development of Customs Incentive System, Mrs.Kitjaluck Srinuchsart, the Deputy Director-General of Thai Customs Department, along with Miss Suntareeya Twichaprasit, the Director of Administration and Management of Information Exchange for Import, Export and Logistics Division, Mr.Sombat Pattanamas, the Director of Information and Communication Technology Center and the representatives from Thai Customs Department, have visited the World Customs Organization Regional Training Centers in Cheonan City, Republic of Korea. The training center applied cutting-edge technology to enhance officers’ capacity both for customs officers in Republic of Korea, providing with practical learning facilities to support their work in field, and other countries around the world.


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