Bringing corpses/human ash into Thailand

Bringing corpses/human ash into Thailand 
Bringing corpses or human ash into Thailand does not require submitting an Import Declaration Form or Special Declaration Form. The Customs procedure involved is listed below:

  1. Importers present the following documents to Customs officers:
    1. The passport of a deceased person
    2. Air Waybill, original or photocopy
    3. The death certificate issued by the Royal Thai Embassy or Consulate in the country in which the person passed away
    4. Other related documents such as a letter confirming death issued by a hospital and a death certificate issued by a local authority in which the person passed away
  2. Customs officers release the corpses and human ash (and keep record of the release) with the importer signing in the pick-up document.

Bringing corpses/human ash out of Thailand
Exporters are not required to submit Export Declaration Form to export corpses or human ash out of the country. However, they must present the following documents to Customs officers:

  1. A letter confirming death issued by a hospital, (in case where the person passed away at other places than hospitals, a local police authority must be notified first), or a death certificate from a local police authority or a local government office of the area in which the person passed away, passport, and a letter from the embassy of the country in which the person passed away to certify bringing corpses/human ash back to Thailand. The exporters must present both original and photocopies of these documents.
  2. Air Waybill and Export Control Document, original and two photocopies each
  3. The exporters must present all of the documents in items 1 and 2 to Customs officers at the release port for the release of the corpses/human ash.

For queries or more information, please contact:
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Customs Service Sub-Division II: 02-134-0641
Customs Service Sub-Division III: 02-134-0822

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