The Monthly Customs Press 8/2020

On 13 May 2020 at 13.30 hrs., at the Customs Press Conference Center, Building 1, 2nd floor. Mr.Chaiyut Kumkun, Principle Advisor on Customs Control Development as a Customs Spokesman announced the monthly Customs Press 8/2020 on the following issues: (1) The Customs offences in April 2020 (2) The Customs Department has delivered the stolen vehicles to the British Embassy Bangkok (3)The Customs Department has expanded the payment of tax service to the trustworthy entrepreneurs (4) The Customs Department has examined the information of propriety reconsider’ applicants of remedial measures of 5,000 baht by the government on the project of “Rao Mai Ting Gun” (You will never be left behind) under the policy of the Ministry of Finance (5) The Customs Department warned the people, please do not believe the fraudulent and fake claim.


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